10What is the TouchNet System?

As the exclusive partner of TouchNet LTD (henceforward: TNL) in Hungary the TouchNet Hungary Ltd. (henceforward: TNH) coordinates the terminals for advertisement and service purchasing. The terminal belonging to the TouchNet System is an upgraded version of the internet-kiosk providing means for shopping, collecting benefits and advertisement services, apart from internet use. The internet kiosk is a tool designed and manufactured in Hungary, consisting of wooden side panels and a metal cabinet with a lower touch-screen and a n upper monitor. Both the concept and the planning are up-to-date developments including all technical merits of the 21st century, surpassing the recent system and aiming at a new direction of terminal use.

Terminals are primarily run indoors, the condition of operation is the contract signed with the internet provider, according to which the broadband access is provided. Signing the contract with the internet provider is the duty of the Partner and the owner of the operational unit. In order to install the terminal continuous electricity is needed and it is the task of the partner.